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We are a fast-growing company with a clear vision to become a leading R&D blockchain/Web3 knowledge hub in Europe.

Research &


We strive for innovative scientific solutions enabling new frontiers in blockchain/Web3 technologies, eagerly tackling the most challenging problems.


Ethernal leverage on top-notch software development methods to provide end-to-end, full-stack solutions spanning the entire blockchain ecosystem.



  • We provide advising and consulting services to companies and institutions needing expert inputs when it comes to blockchain/Web3 technologies.
  • Auditing

  • Ethernal teams performs inspection and examination services with a focus on finding critical weaknesses and flaws in an existing design, process or implementation.
  • Education and tutoring

  • Basing on our experience in education and cutting edge industrial implementation, we offer customized tutoring and training modules to companies and institutions.

Our Partners

with Pangea

We are proud to announce that ETHERNAL successfully verified as a Pangea vendor. This means that we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering vendors. This will enable us to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization through our Pangea profile for both current and future clients.

with Polygon

Ethernal is delighted to announce that it has started working with Polygon-Matic on developing blockchain solutions! We are thrilled to work on further improvements of core features and tackle the challenging issues related to them.

with Cosmos

We are very excited to continue contributing to further improvements in blockchain infrastructure and to focus on interoperability among sovereign chains. We have partnered with Informal Systems, a core contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, on developing Gravity – a bridge to Ethereum and eventually all major EVM chains!

About Us

Ethernal team represents a unique blend of skilled experts, both industry professionals and university professors. Our goal is to become the hub of knowledge and expertise for the blockchain/Web3 and become a major contributor to the ecosystem, both on the research and engineering front.

We are hiring! Join an adventure with us!

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